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I'm Tina, a tattoo artist originally from Germany and currently based in Amsterdam. My tattoo journey began in 2020, and since then, I've dedicated myself to developing my unique style.

I specialize in micro-realism, conceptual tattoos, and surrealism, where I blend realistic elements, with geometric, abstract or graphic elements. I want my tattoos to show what’s beyond imagination, tell stories and to capture emotions.


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  • Please ensure that you really want to book the appointment. Discussing a tattoo project takes time and effort on both sides.

  • I prepare every tattoo design individually and don’t copy other designs or styles.

  • The tattoo design will be shown on the day of our session. We will have enough time to discuss it and if needed add smaller changes

  • In order to have a clear understanding of the project, please carefully fill in the request form below. The more precise the communication beforehand, the clearer the is the project.

  • The deposit is being collected to secure the appointment. The rescheduling option is available with a 14 day notice.

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